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Keith Mazza

Master Keith Mazza is a celebrated martial artist with over 50 years of experience in various Chinese martial arts forms. At his academy, students can learn Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Bagua. Mazza is highly respected for his knowledge, teaching style and his dedication to preserving the history of traditional Chinese martial arts.

Keith Mazza Jr

Martial arts runs in my blood—my parents were both accomplished martial artists and passed down their love and commitment to the discipline to me. My journey towards perfection has led me to become an athlete and instructor, carrying on the legacy of my family's martial arts school. I believe that the discipline of martial arts helps develop self-esteem and respect for oneself and others, and I strive to instill these values in all of my students.

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Experience the benefits of our comprehensive classes at Warriors Breath. Whether you are looking for Kung Fu, Tai Chi, or Conditioning with a trusted instructor, we have got you covered. Our adult and kids classes allow individuals to improve their mental and physical health in a family-like setting. Join us and ask any questions you have about our classes-come ready to learn!

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World tour with his Sifu Grandmaster William Cheung 


Plaque at Shaolin temple recognizing Wing Chun as a temple lineage and acknowledging Keith Mazza as a US representative 


What students are saying.

"Great explanation of the stances and of the progressions over time! This platform is excellent and very convenient with regard to accessibility for people like myself who work 12 hour shifts…”

- Larry Barr

"This is great because it's easily accessible; anyone can do it."

-Rebecca Cate

"This is a blessing for all of us students! A wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and the ability to rewind and access this information anywhere we are so that..."

-Elissa Hirsch

"Master Mazza has a depth of physiological knowledge that is extraordinary. He has the unique ability to draw from his martial arts experience”

-Carlo Ciliberti

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