Our Story                        “Fighting is a profession. Being a warrior is a lifestyle.”

 The Warrior’s Breath is one that is based in the “Way (Tao)” of Longevity.  It has been best understood by many great warriors that the mind, body and spirit must be balanced.

 Warrior’s Breath was created by Master Mazza to give people the necessary tools to develop a practice that is simple to approach yet profound in its depths.

The Master’s story 

  In the 1980s, Grandmaster William Cheung was touring all over the United States spreading Traditional Wing Chun. When visiting the Northeast he encountered plethora of promising students. In the year 1983, a young student named Keith Mazza studied under Grandmaster Cheung and accompanied him on his mission to spread Wing Chun Kung Fu around the globe. Mazza would then go on to train personally under Grandmaster Cheung, become a world champion fighter, a master of the art and Grandmaster’s first-ever closed-door student.

Master Mazza teaches at the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Acadamy in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Master Mazza is notorious for his caring nature and desire to make his students practical and efficient martial artists. He is regarded highly in the martial arts world and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those willing to learn.

The instructors 


Keith Mazza Jr.

Sifu / Instructor

Keith Mazza Jr was born into a family of martial artists. His father is a master in Traditional Wing Chun and has trained in a plethora of other Chinese martial arts styles. His mother and her father practiced Japanese Jiu-Jitsu for most of their lives. Fascinated by both of his parents’ athletic and martial prowesses, Keith felt drawn to the martial arts his entire life. Although he trained in Traditional Wing Chun leisurely as a child, he began to take his training very seriously after graduating high school. Since that point, Keith has cultivated discipline and a noteworthy martial prowess of his own. At his father’s Kung Fu school, Keith trains with his father’s most talented students. He holds the title of Sifu and is working towards becoming a better martial artist, teacher, and combative sports athlete.

School and online trainings

School and online trainings

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